Zac Efron is Dating Halston Stage, Here Are 4 Places You Know Her From

Get ready for your heart to break worse than when Zac Efron put his shirt back on at the MTV Movie Awards. E! Online has reported that Efron is dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage. Efron has been linked to other girls in the past, including Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins, but Halston Sage will be the first girlfriend he's had since leaving rehab. According to the article, Sage and Efron met during the filming of the movie and have only gotten closer since. "Her friends love him and say he is so sweet," says a source.

Whether the story is true or not, it's going to cause a lot of attention to fly toward Halston Sage, who was seen taking in a Lakers game with Efron earlier this month. Sage plays the role of Brooke in the upcoming raunchy comedy, a character about whom there hasn't been a lot of information or conversation. However, that's far from the only project that she has going on and her possible relationship with Efron isn't the most interesting thing about her. It may be causing a wave of tears to floor every major American city, but there's more to Halston Sage than meets the eye. Here are some other places you'd recognize her from.

1. She was on Nickelodeon

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Sage cropped up on Nickelodeon a lot. She guest starred on an episode of Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures and on Victorious, as well as playing the main role of Grace King on How to Rock. She was part of a group of mean girls, essentially playing the Karen to Molly Garfunkel's Regina George. Her relationship with Nelson Baxter, played by Noah Crawford, was one of the most beloved couples on the show.

2. She Dated Chord Overstreet

In addition to dating Dancing With the Stars and Big Time Rush star James Maslow, Sage is fresh from a relationship with Glee star Chord Overstreet. The two allegedly broke up earlier this month.

3. She Has Acted with A-Listers

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Sage has been in The Bling Ring, Grown Ups 2, and in The First Time. In the latter, she acted opposite Britt Robertson as her friend Brianna, at whose house Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson have one of their pivotal movie moments. She has yet to really break into any starring roles on the movie front, but having worked with Adam Sandler and Emma Watson says nothing but good things about her.

4. She's Starring in an NBC Show

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Sage landed the starring role of Amber Fitch in an NBC show called Crisis , which follows the lives of the children of Washington, D.C.'s elite after they are kidnapped. Sage plays the niece of one of the FBI agents on the case, who was kidnapped along with the other students of Ballard High School.

Whether she really is dating Zac Efron or not, we can expect to see big things from Sage in the future. Maybe next year we'll see her at the MTV Movie Awards collecting that Trailblazer Award.