How is Zac Efron Really Doing After Rehab? Better Than You'd Expect

You’ve got to love this guy. Despite all his troubles and stints in rehab, Zac Efron continues to wield mass appeal. From men to women and young folks to old, Efron is one likable famous person. He’s resilient, too. To have started out in one of the most notorious Disney Channel franchises out there, the guy has done plenty to be proud of in his acting career. Not the least of which is those very movies, which have surely served him better than any of his High School Musical co-stars as a launching pad into Hollywood. Of course my first run in with Zefron was in the ill-fated WB series, Summerland . (R.I.P…somebody give Lori Loughlin a break already!) But for most, he will always be Troy Bolton. And even with that forever-a-teen role looming over his head, he’s managed to have a breakout last few years, taking on roles that are both challenging (The Paperboy) and perfect for him (Hairspray), as though cut from a handsome, sparkly-eyed Efron cloth. It’s been a shockingly seamless transition from child star to leading man.

Well, except for ONE seam: unbeknownst to most, Efron checked into rehab for a cocaine addiction in April of last year. He had allegedly checked in first in March, then had a relapse while filming the hard partying frat film, Neighbors. But since his outpatient stint, that he says has put him in “the best place [he’s] ever been,” he seems to be doing remarkably well, if his resume and public appearances are anything to go by. In addition to completing Seth Rogen's Neighbors after his recovery, Efron also filmed That Awkward Moment with fellow third generation leading men, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller.

But there have been some questions: In late March, Efron was caught in the middle of a late-night scuffle in a dangerous part of L.A. and was punched in the face. Many have assumed it was a drug related incident because, well, “late-night scuffle,” “dangerous part of L.A” and all that. Efron has denied that it was anything more than an attack on his body guard that he tried to break up, however, and his public persona has mostly remained on the straight and narrow: attending the Oscars without his sober coach, having fun with new best friends, Jordan and Teller, on press tours for That Awkward Moment, and taking in Lakers games with Neighbors co-star, Halston Sage.

Addiction is forever, as most will tell you, but it seems that Efron is making the right moves toward a healthy recovery. His upcoming projects seem a little sparser than the load he’s taken on in recent years, developing a fortunate career and some unfortunate habits. Hopefully some extra personal time will continue to aid him in his recovery (and/or re-Disnefication), and appearances like presenting at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night — not to mention a Best Shirtless Performance nominee — remain an accountability partner only Hollywood can provide.