Kristen Schaal's Hilarious Darth Vader Impression Makes Her a Shoe-In for 'Star Wars' — VIDEO

It seems like new Star Wars casting info comes out every other week: Lupita Nyong'o! Adam Driver! What about Benedict Cumberbatch? But here's a casting option that has yet to be explored: Kristen Schaal as Darth Vader.

The folks over at the public radio show Wit sure thought it was a good idea, and gave us a taste with what it would be like with a Star Wars skit with Schaal as Darth Vader and show host John Moe and comedian Mike Fotis as two Stormtroopers. Sure, Schaal's voice is a bit high-pitched for the menacing Sith lord, but there's a good explanation: Darth Vader has been inhaling helium, of course.

Okay, so maybe Schaal wouldn't be the ideal Darth Vader. But she does make some pretty good observations about Star Wars in the sketch: why does the Death Star have a really cool, planet-destroying gun, but not a single bathroom? Speaking of which, why is it called a Death Star? It's not as if it gives off any light — it's much closer to being a Death Moon. And what kind of title is Grand Moff, anyways? Sounds way too much like grandma for anyone to take seriously.

Why not put Schaal in the new Star Wars movie? She may not be a "traditional" choice for Darth Vader, but she could at least make a pretty sassy member of the Jedi High Council. And really, the fantastic world of the famous space opera could certainly use a healthy dose of skepticism every now and then. So why not take a chance of the comedian who frequently uses her shrill voice for cartoons? It's not that much weirder than hiring the brooding boyfriend from a show about twentysomething girls. After all, even Schaal's worst Darth Vader impression will still be infinitely better than having to watch Jar Jar Binks for an hour and a half.

But don't just take our word for it. Watch the video and imagine the Star Wars that could be...

Wits APM on YouTube