Hilarious Reimagining of 'Frozen' Ending Highlights Film's Biggest Flaws — VIDEO

Satire can highlight a film’s flaws in powerful, unexpected ways. After all, even good movies need a little retooling sometimes. How It Should Have Ended, a website dedicated to reimagining the endings of popular films, has rewritten the conclusion to Disney’s Frozen — and it’s a video you have got to see! In addition to being utterly hilarious, the parody takes Frozen's King and Queen to task for their awful parenting skills in the film — and that's important!

After the magical forest troll advises Princess Elsa that she must learn to control her ice powers, saying that fear will be her enemy, the King asks, “Sooo, you’re saying we should lock her up alone in a castle until she’s safe to be around?” Astonished by his stupidity, the troll responds, “What? That’s not what I said, that’s a terrible idea!” Still not quite getting it, the King comes back with, “Sooo, you’re saying we should teach her to be scared of herself?” *Face palm*

Thankfully, the troll knows someone who is far more equipped to help Elsa than her parents: Professor Charles Xavier! That’s right, Elsa is the newest student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The solution was right under Disney's nose this entire time! At this point, the video flashes forward a number of years: Elsa has fully adjusted to her new school and she’s leading fellow X-Men Storm, Rogue, and Nightcrawler in a rousing mutant rendition of “Let It Go.” That is, until Wolverine enters the room. He looks super pissed off at first, but then it turns out that not even the tremendously grumpy (and tremendously hairy) Wolverine can resist Adele Dazeem’s charms!

I probably don't have to tell you by now that no one should be taught to hide who they are from the world. In true Disney fashion, the King and Queen meet their demise early on in the film and never have to answer for the awful way that they treat Elsa — that's why this video is so surprisingly important. Disney movies have the power to influence young minds, and the King and Queen’s shocking intolerance is not something that should go unchallenged. Kudos to How It Should Have Ended for taking this on!

Check out the hysterical Frozen redo below.

Image: Disney