Joffrey's 'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding Gets the Reaction Video it Deserves — VIDEO

The only thing more memorable than the actual Red Wedding on Game of Thrones last year was watching the reaction videos of people experiencing the Red Wedding for the first time. Often taped by friends or family members who knew what was coming, countless videos popped up on YouTube of Game of Thrones fans watching in anguish and disbelief as the horrors of the Red Wedding unfolded before their eyes. If you think watching people watch the Red Wedding was harrowing, just remember that Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin gets a kick out of your collective misery and you should come to expect this sort of thing. While the trauma of the Red Wedding may still be fresh, the joy and elation that came from this weekend's Purple Wedding — and the reaction videos that have spawned from it — more than makes up for it. (Well, almost.)

If Red Wedding videos caused schadenfreude (well, at least for George R.R. Martin) for the people in them, then Purple Wedding videos reveled in the schadenfreude of what happened to King Joffrey. (In this compilation video one woman joyously screams, "He's dying!"). Heck, even other fictitious characters were thrilled to see the ultimate Game of Thrones villain get poisoned and croak in a pretty vicious fashion. has created a hilarious reaction/mash-up video in which movie characters and TV characters like Breaking Bad 's Jesse Pinkman, The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz, South Park's Eric Cartman say all the things we were thinking on Sunday night. The NSFW video (there's some foul language) is very funny, and a reminder that Joffrey was the most hated character everywhere. Watch:

Image: HBO