'Archie' Is Set To Be Made Into a Movie, Teens Everywhere Ask "...Who?"

You've heard time and time again that Hollywood has no original ideas. But Hollywood has proven it true once again, pulling Archie Comics out of the vault. A live-action version of the beloved comic series will be directed by Jason Moore, the man behind Pitch Perfect, so you already know this movie is aimed at a younger audience. Add that the writer is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a writer behind Glee, and you have pretty much the same recipe that Professor Utonium used to make the Powderpuff Girls: sugar, spice and everything nice.

Only issue is that I don't foresee many teens knowing who Archie is, considering this comic is probably older than their grandparents. Additionally, Archie was a sparky and innocent comic that reached it's heyday in the '50s, so when Aguirre-Sacasa says things like, "There are parts of the story that I think people will be surprised how dark and real it gets," alarm bells should be going off all over. Archie wasn't dark, or real, it was happy and simple and that's how we liked it. Maybe today's teens will like Archie's new look, but those of us old enough to remember reading the comic remain dubious.

Image: Archie Comics