Backstreet Boys' New Song 'Trust Me' Is Not That Good, Trust Us

Some of the Backstreet Boys are in their 40s and married, but that hasn't stopped them from pretending that they're 16 and in love. Enter their new song "Trust Me", a smooth, acoustic, sing-songy tune off their upcoming album In a World Like This. Could this mellow ditty be the new song of the summer?

Eh, unlikely. As much as we like the sound, and as much as we want to support our BSB, there's just something inherently creepy about listening to middle-aged men harmonizing about butterflies, kissing, and sitting under a tree.

Entertainment Weekly's got the scoop on the song — listen to it on their website.

When you're done subjecting yourself to their new stuff, get out your folding chair and cleanse your palette with this gem.