Will Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis Get Married? 'Southern Charm' Fans Need to Know

Now that we know Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are not only still dating post-show, but that they have a baby together, the natural next question is: Should Thomas and Kathryn get married? (Add in "those heathens" or "the awesomely progressive" before their names at your own discretion.) The answer to whether Ravenel and Dennis should wed depends greatly on who you're asking, so let's take a look at what some people, or groups of people, involved with Southern Charm would likely say.

Thomas Ravenel

In the interview with Bravo's The Dish blog where Ravenel revealed the baby news, he said, "We've been talking about it. Eventually I'd like to get married. All I can say is stay tuned." He said "stay tuned?!" That could be a tease for a Bravo wedding special! Or, ya know, he could just want to get married some day.

Kathryn Dennis

Dennis and Ravenel's relationship has moved quickly from the beginning. She seemed like she was hopeful she was with child when the pregnancy scare went down and now they already have a kid together. I'm thinking she would want to have a wedding ASAP because the Calhoun name needs to be officially carried on. Plus, she probably has her wedding eyelashes picked out already.

Kathryn Dennis' Family

When Ravenel met Dennis' family on the most recent episode, they seemed like the type of people who might want to combine two great South Carolinian families. Dennis' father approved of his daughter being with a fallen politician who was charged with cocaine distribution, so it would probably take a lot for this family to see the couple getting married as a bad idea.

The Cast of Southern Charm

The remaining cast members are probably shocked that these two ended up together and with a child. Based on what we've seen, they might not think marriage is a good idea because it wouldn't last.

Fans of Southern Charm

Hell yeah, they should get married! Like I said, we need to see Dennis' choice of eyelashes for the ceremony. There could be a spin-off special where they plan the wedding and get in arguments over place settings and which bourbon to use at the open bar.

The wedding might not end up on TV, but it will come as no surprise if these two end up married. We already know they're sneaky, so in a couple weeks, don't be shocked if they announce that they're already hitched.

Image: Bravo