Their New Movie Will be Hilarious (Or Horrendous)

What do you get when you combine Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Adam McKay? It's really up for debate, isn't it? Which is why their new movie Border Guards will be either hilarious or terrible. Think about it: you've got top notch funny folks — these are the guys behind Talladega Nights and Step Brothers — and, oh yeah, to reiterate, Step Brothers. Will Ferrell is notorious for creating legendary masterpieces (see: Anchorman), Adam McKay has the reputation for helming this stuff, and John C. Reilly will forever be endearing Mr. Cellphone in Chicago to me. Yet somehow, when you fuse these funny bones, you run the risk of producing something that's cursed by inanity. Because let's face it: some things can be too silly for their own good.

There are no in betweens with this combination. Things are definite: hilarious or terrible. Which is why, as we would with any major life decision (do I break up with him? Do I delete my Tinder profile? Do I move far away for college? Do I take that job? Do I do a juice cleanse? Do I run streaking through Central Park? ), it is critical to do a pros and cons list.


  • Talladega Nights definitely had its moments. You know, genuine, silly fun times were had.
  • Adam McKay plus Will Ferrell equals Anchorman. Also, milk was a bad choice.
  • Oscar-nominated Jesse Armstrong will pen the script. Take that, crappy writing! But Armstrong is responsible for The Loop, which is filled with small — not big — acting. This could be a serious change for these big players. Ferrell has done understated (see Stranger Than Fiction) and Reilly's a master, but fans are used to the big, goofy stuff.
  • The plot sounds like it has potential — for these guys, at least: they play two friends who decide to finally find their purposes in life by serving as border guards. Then they get stranded in Mexico and must find their way back to America!
  • John C. Reilly and WIll Ferrell play excellently together.
  • Despite Step Brothers being whatever, we did get this:


  • Too much silliness can be just plain old stupid. Also, sometimes when you pair up buddies — no matter how funny they may be — you get a movie that's about the two of them having a good time, and while they're partying it up on screen, the audience is just chomping on popcorn, bored.
  • How will Armstrong's writing fare with McKay's directing style?
  • Step Brothers was silly, but not like... a masterpiece, you know? Despite "Boats and Hoes," I mean.
  • The plot description is thin enough that it could just as easily be filled with banality as it could be filled with hilarity.
  • That whole man-child act is a little old by now (see "two friends who decide to finally find their purposes.")
  • It might get lambasted by reviewers, even if audiences dig it, but thereby, it may kill any buzz.

See? We're even. Totally torn. I'm crossing my fingers for "hilarious," but we'll have to see when it hits theaters. But for now, let's just think about "Boats and Hoes."