6 Things Justin Bieber Can Do to Rehabilitate His Life and Image

Apparently, Justin Bieber is ready to right his wrongs. Following a seriously tumultuous (and super-brattastic) year of run-ins with the law, run-ins with his neighbors, run-ins with the press, the singer has reportedly decided to turn over a new leaf. To which we say: it's about damn fucking time! Shit! This kid and his privileged antics have made him the King Joffrey of the real, actual world and nobody is want to put up with that shit. And since we all know — mini vague-ish Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert! — what happened to Joff, Biebs would do well to follow a decidedly different path.

Redemption ain't easy but it isn't impossible, Bieber (unless you're Chris Brown) and we've got some suggestions as to how to go about it. Click through our slideshow and see how to make it happen!

Suggestion No. 1: Stop Getting Arrested

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You’re doing stupid shit. Stop.

Suggestion No. 2: Stop Turning Your Wrongdoings into Martyrdom Spectacles

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is also obnoxious, annoying, and really, really conceited, dude. CEASE AND DESIST.

Suggestion No. 3: Give Back

You have gobs of money and yet all you do is spend it on stupid stuff (and staying out of jail). This does not a sympathetic figure make. So how about instead of giving to yourself, you start giving back to others who actually deserve the help, eh?

Image: Getty/Instagram

Suggestion No. 4: Get Better Friends

Clearly you’re not hanging around the right group, Biebs. Time to step it up find some people who will be there for you when the rain starts to pour. (And don’t forget to be there for them, too! Friendship is a two-way street, my dude.)

Image: Warner Brothers Television/Instagram

Suggestion No. 5: Go Away

Take some time off from the world, Biebs. I’m not saying go into hiding, but maybe just take a break, hole away in some small, unassuming town, and get back to yourself and what matters.

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Suggestion No. 6: Get Passionate About Something Other Than Yourself

Take this time to learn about something larger than yourself. You are but one person living a relative blip of a life, Biebs — there’s plenty more out there to acquaint yourself with. Why not work with Jane Goodall and save the monkeys or something?

Image: Getty/Instagram