What is Brooklyn Decker In Right Now? You Know, When She's Not Smashing Tennis Rackets

Thursday night, Chelsea Handler will have a little chat with the woman who once appeared to be the new go-to blockbuster babe, but what has Brooklyn Decker been up to lately? Decker spends most of her time on Friends With Better Lives , her new CBS show, but when she's not doing that, apparently she's smashing tennis rackets into itty bitty pieces.

Decker went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday night to promote the show and told Ferguson she won't play tennis with hubby Andy Roddick, because they both have tempers on the court and she'll "always be the worst tennis player in the house." During a particularly heated match, Decker told Roddick not to talk to her like a "five-year-old." Roddick must have been feeling particularly saucy that day, because he shot back, "If you play like a five-year-old I’m going to have to talk to you like a five-year-old." Oh snap.

Decker did what anyone would do and flew into a rage, smashing her racket to bits and leaving us to wonder: could this officially be the end of the famous Roddick-Decker Tennis Sundays? We hope not, otherwise we may never see a video recording of Decker destroying sports gear.

Even though her dreams of an illustrious tennis career are down the drain, at least she has Friends With Better Lives to fall back on. (For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it revolves around a group of six twenty-somethings who are each convinced that he or she has the worst life of the bunch. It's super original.) If being on a sitcom isn't enough, she gets to hang out with co-star James Van Der Beek, who — let's face it — was probably, like, her biggest crush in high school. Joining Decker and Van Der Beek are Roswell's Majandra Delfino, Entourage's Kevin Connolly, Whitney's Zoe Lister Jones, and House Husbands' Rick Donald.

And if Friends With Better Lives doesn't work out (which, based on the ratings decrease after the season premiere on March 31, it may very well not), she'll surely have other acting opportunities. She's appeared on a handful of other TV shows (like The League and Ugly Betty) and in movies (like What To Expect When You're Expecting and Just Go With It), and she wasn't terrible in them.

It seems, though, that she (like some of her fellow models) is perfectly happy leaving her modeling days behind her, telling Huffington Post earlier this month not only that "acting is much more gratifying than modeling" but she wasn't even that great a model and "got fired from jobs all the time." It must be hard for someone who looks like that to be bad at modeling, but we get the feeling she'll land on her feet.