A Biden & Obama Selfie Just Made Biden's Brand-New Instagram Account, And It's Magnificent

Vice President Joe Biden may have made his Instagram debut in style Wednesday, but nothing makes it official like a selfie. The VP has jumped on the photo-sharing bandwagon, and on Wednesday Biden posted a selfie with President Barack Obama — because, really, who else would you rather take it with? America's second-in-command christened his vice presidential account with the picture captioned, "Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. –VP."

There's no one like the POTUS to bring up your number of followers, and the world seems to be on board with the awesome photo. Biden's fourth Instagram picture boasts the greatest number of likes among his photos, at more than 24,000. And what's not to like? Two buddies, just chilling in the back of the president's armored state car (aka the Beast), showing off their pearly whites. I mean, look at those teeth.

The picture was also posted on the Vice President's Twitter account Wednesday, aptly titled, "The First Selfie." It received nearly 11,000 retweets. In case the pair's selfie wasn't enough for you, his cover photo on Twitter features the two walking out of the Oval Office together, each with a hand on the other's back. The cutest.

The VPOTUS is no stranger to selfies — he's posed for the front-facing camera with Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus in his motorcade. Earlier Wednesday, Biden joined Instagram with some swag, posting a photo of his trademark Ray-Ban aviators while he sits in the background looking pretty official. Other first day posts included the vice president exiting the presidential helicopter before a speech and Biden addressing a crowd in Pennsylvania.

It seems as though the White House isn't done with selfies just yet, as it was rumored after Obama's controversial presidential picture with Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz. Keep 'em coming, Biden, no complaints here.

Image: Joe Biden/Twitter