Lorde is Not Pleased with Her New Photoshopped Nose

Lorde is officially the realest teenage famous person on the planet. Just two weeks after calling out a retouched photo of her performing at Lollapalooza, the 17-year-old songstress is back on Twitter to denounce another Photoshopping culprit.

Lorde took to social media today to share a gorgeous snap of herself from a recent photo shoot wearing a beautiful black floor-length dress and a chunky leather jacket. Although her overall look seems to match her neo-'90s meets minimalist tomboy style, Lorde pointed out the one thing she didn't appreciate about the photo. The tweet's caption read:

Apart from the fact that i'm pretty sure this magazine gave me a new nose (:|), i really like this photo.

Like the classy gal she is, Lorde did not say what magazine the photo came from. However, according to the International Business Times, the guilty party in question is Canadian magazine Fashion.

Of course, this likely won't be the last time Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, will be digitally retouched in a magazine. And while she is obviously not okay with it, I think she understands that it's all part of the business she's in and as a result, will continue to deal with it the best way she can: by sharing real, make-up free selfies, by saying not everyone can be as flawless as her BFF Taylor Swift and by reminding her legions of fans that having flaws is totally okay.

I'm not completely sure how a 17-year-old girl can also be such a confident young woman, but I'm completely in awe of her poise and maturity.

Image: Lorde/Twitter