John Mayer's Cover of Beyonce's "XO" Is Actually Pretty Great — VIDEO

It looks like Ed Sheeran started a trend — and we should all be thanking him for it because Beyoncé sounds great with the acoustic treatment. Last month Sheeran covered Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and on Apr. 15, Katy Perry's former boyfriend John Mayer covered Beyoncé's "XO" during a concert in Australia. And guess what, everyone, it was AMAZING. We didn't know we wanted a John Mayer Beyoncé cover, not even in our wildest dreams, but we're so happy it exists.

A few days before the show, Mayer tweeted that he was a huge fan of the song and Beyoncé's performance on it — calling it "real and raw" how her voice breaks during a part of "XO". But we had no idea how big of a fan he really was until the below video from his Monday night concert turned up on Youtube.

Mayer covered "XO" with just an acoustic guitar, his impressive vocal chords, and a harmonica. The Paradise Valley singer proved that Beyoncé can be great no matter what genre her songs get covered in and that John Mayer himself is a damn good performer. Mayer's folksy and emotional cover comes across so easy, even when he throws a harmonica solo at the end, that we'd almost believe that "XO" is actually one of his own songs. (But obviously we can never forget that it's a Queen Bey original.)

Regardless of how you feel about Mayer, I can almost guarantee that you'll fall (drunk) in love with this cover — ha. Keep 'em coming, boys.

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