Michael Bastian's Words of Advice: Wear Pink When Hungover

Menswear designer Michael Bastian knows a thing or two about how to look good, so when he shares his advice on what to wear when we're not, how do we say, "at our best," we listen.

In an interview with Racked, the CFDA winner talked about his favorite article of clothing and his reasoning behind it definitely caught our attention. "A pink oxford—for days you're hungover. A sales guy at Bergdorf Goodman told me that when I worked there and it's the best thing anyone has ever told me about menswear."

Of course, if you're not a man or you don't own a pink oxford, we're thinking anything in the flowery color will do. "Everybody looks better in a pink shirt—a little fresher, a little more alive." For this reason, Bastian always includes one in his line and in this season, it says,"This is my hangover shirt" on the collar.

If all your pink-colored items are at the dry cleaners and you're anticipating being hungover in their absence, here are four items I suggest having on stand-by to mask your unfortunate state:


When you're hungover, you can really see it in your face, specifically your eyes (and maybe the area underneath it). Find your biggest pair of sunglasses with the darkest colored lenses. Just tell your friends you just got a facial and need to shield your skin from the sun and/or fluorescent lighting.


Thank the fashion gods that these are in style because they're pretty much the second best thing to your worn-in pajama pants. There's nothing worse than wearing something constricted when you're hungover. Plus, it's totally acceptable and fashionable to wear them in a public setting or the workplace. You can thank the normcorers for that.


We know you really would rather throw on your college sweatshirt and call it a day, but let's be honest — that's a dead giveaway. Wearing a clean, crisp shirt (emphasis on clean), will not only make you look more put together, but it'll also make you feel more like a real human being again.


What better time than now to bust out your flatbed sandals or fashion sneakers? Don't try to wear anything with a wedge or platform. Trust me.