Joffrey's Little Brother Tommen Is Back on 'Game of Thrones,' But He's Played By a New Actor This Time

My how a major death changes a series' landscape. Joffrey died on Game of Throne s' most recent episode, "The Lion and the Rose," you totally thought you were rid of little, blonde kings, didn't you? Well, turns out that Joffrey actually has a little brother named Tommen on Game of Thrones who has just become the next in line to rule the Iron Throne. But don't hang your head in shame if you didn't know that Joffrey had a little mini-me running around because, honestly, it's pretty feasible to have forgotten him. Number one, he was barely in Season 1 and 2, and when he was, he almost never spoke. Number two, his character is most definitely played by a different actor in Season 4. That's right, GoT pulled another Daario Naharis and swapped out the actor who originally played Tommen.

And if we're being real right now, I definitely wouldn't have even known that the actor had changed if I hadn't asked the Internet, "Who's that blonde boy sitting next to Tyrion at the wedding table?" Well, he's Prince Tommen and he's currently being portrayed by Dean-Charles Chapman, who took over for Season 1's Callum Wharry. And while I'm sure that Wharry is a great kid and all, I'm not losing sleep over the change, mostly because I don't even remember him from the first two seasons. Plus, he's been replaced by Chapman, who actually has some acting experience under his belt.

So here's what Tommen used to look like

(Do you see him sitting next to Joffrey and their other supposed sibling?):

And here's what he looks like now

Likely the biggest things we can take away from the switcheroo is that GoT has amped up Tommen's resemblance to his awful older brother, and has apparently given him a potion that ages him at an exceedingly fast rate. Either way, I'm just personally glad that Joffrey is out of the picture. Although Tommen is also a product of Cersei and Jaime's "sibling love," so who knows what other kinds of evil has spawned from that relationship.

Images: HBO