Katy Perry Gets A New Puppy & It’s Basically A Live Teddy Bear — PHOTO

Things Katy Perry did in the past week that you should be jealous of: attended Coachella, adopted an adorable puppy. What? You didn't wanna go to Coachella anyway and you think it's for posers? Fine, grumpy pants, maybe you'll like the cute little puppy dog! Katy Perry got a new puppy and it straight up looks like a stuffed animal. In fact, Perry even took a picture of the dog next to a stuffed animal just to really rub in the cute teddy bear puppy envy.

Perry posted the photo of her new pet on Instagram with the caption, "Meet my new Prismatic World Tour mascot, BUTTERS! #nolongerjustacatlady..."

We can learn a lot of things from this Instagram post:

  • Perry isn't as good at naming dogs as she is cats. Kitty Purry, anyone? Even if Katy Perry chose her stage name so that she could later name her cat Kitty Purry, it was totally worth it and I wouldn't blame her.

As for the photo itself, we learn that:

  • Katy Perry may have sent that tiny bear into some creepy facility that is capable of designing dogs so that they could use it as a model.
  • Dogs can apparently have white soul patches that adorably (and kinda creepily) look like poked out tongues.
  • Butters might be too cute. Like, nauseatingly cute. If you met him in person, you might have to turn away because you couldn't handle such a high level of sweet cuddly-ness.

Perry is the queen of all things cute, so it's only right that she ended up with this dog. But if the tour becomes too stressful for him, I happen to know of someone who would love to take him in...

Image: Katy Perry/Instagram