Jelly Bean Executive Donates to Anti-Trans Group, Cue Begrudging Boycott of the Delicious Treats

If you really like jelly beans, or were planning on hogging some during an upcoming Easter Sunday party, then you will probably not be pleased to hear this. Herman Rowland, Sr., chairman of Jelly Belly Candy Corp., has been outed as the anonymous donor who gave an anti-trans group $5,000. Which doesn't seem like much considering the Supreme Court just removed individual donation limits on campaign contributions, but it's money that can go a long way in the sort of state-wide initiative Rowland donated to.

The initiative in question, deceptively named "Privacy of All Students," seeks to overturn provisions of the School Success and Opportunity Act that went into effect in California this January. The law allows public school students in California to use restrooms and play on sports teams that match their gender identity, regardless of whether or not that identity conforms to their biological sex. So of course people have a problem.

The "Privacy of All Students" initiative is still collecting signatures to get themselves on the November ballot, where the initiative could do some real harm given that conservatives are more likely to vote in midterm elections. The group behind this effort writes on its website that "While so many of us want to be compassionate to those that feel that biology has betrayed them, we can’t help but notice that we are living the modern equivalent of the Emperor’s New Clothes." And other delightful things about how students "would have their privacy and safety compromised by this radical change" in restroom arrangements.

So while I do not mean to cause you undue guilt about your love of Jelly Bellies, it is worth pointing out that this is where your money goes when you buy them. To a transphobic chairman.

And while I'm busy ruining all sorts of things you love, I'll just leave this here, too, shall I?

But hey, as far as I know the Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans are still guilt free, and those are the best kind anyway. Stupid Jelly Bellies, who needs 'em?