Man Creates Actual 'Amazing Spider-Man' Web-Shooter, Watch it in Action — VIDEO

Sometimes, childhood dreams can come true. You might not end up being a princess or an astronaut, but one man's dream of becoming Spider-Man has become close to a reality, with his invention of a Spider-Man web shooter. That's right, the gooey web substance that shoots from the inside wrists of Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire can now be yours to play with. Something that often needs clarifying, this substance isn't something that is produced by Spidey's body once he's bitten and transformed by a spider in the OsCorps lab. This is a device that Peter Parker crafts himself to become more like his eight-legged inspiration. And just like Peter Parker, this dude has created a wrist device similar to that in the comic books and films.

The video calls the contraption a "Spiderman-inspired Electromagnetic 'Web' shooter," and a disclaimer states: "Just a prototype! Power/range could be increased but this is just a prototype." While the product is not for sale, as stated in the video, something similar may become available if demand increases. The toy/machine/prototype is dressed up just like Spidey's suit, and we can only imagine how many children will wish for one under their tree come Christmas. But in the eternal words of A Christmas Story, we must be warned, "Careful kid, you'll shoot your eye out!"

Watch the web shooter in action below:

Image: Marvel