'Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Talks Marriage Plans with Baby Daddy Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis: party girl no more! She and baby Kensington are keeping it chill, and Dennis couldn't be happier about it. The unofficial star of Southern Charm told The Dish that she doesn’t miss her former wild lifestyle at all. “I’m really enjoying being settled in and hanging out with her,” she says. “She’s the only thing that matters to me now. Anyone that has had children or has been through an experience like this, it really changes you.” Aw.

And though Thomas Ravenel is revving up for a political campaign, that doesn't mean he doesn't put his girlfriend and their daughter first. Atta boy, T-Rav! Dennis says T-Rav's there for her whenever and wherever, Shakira-style. Reading about T-Rav having coffee ready for her at a moment's notice might be my favorite thing I've ever read about T-Rav. And I've read a lot of stuff about T-Rav.

Hey, T-Rav and Dennis? I know this is an annoying question, but are you guys getting mah-rrieeeed? T-Rav told The Dish they've been talking about it. Uh huh, and Dennis? What say you? “Anything is possible," she says. "But right now there are no set plans.” Hm. Got it. So the takeout box is on the table, but it has yet to be opened because they're not hungry yet. They might dig in later. Or they might put it in the fridge for a while. Or they might toss it out completely. We don't know. But we do know that the takeout box is there now, and that's what matters. (I shouldn't try to come up with metaphors when I'm hungry.)

Wait. What if they're secretly engaged? This is the reality TV couple who secretly had A BABY. I wouldn’t put a hush-hush engagement past them. An engagement is way easier to keep hush-hush than a baby! Heck, I wouldn’t put a hush-hush wedding past them. Secret weddings are a thing. (Isn't that right, Cameran Eubanks?) Oh my god. I've convinced myself that Dennis and T-Rav got married en secret, and now I'm sad I wasn't invited to a wedding I made up in my mind. I'm spiraling. HELP.

Okay. Sorry about that. Two final notes: One, I've calmed down about the not real wedding. I'm going to be okay. And secondly, look at Dennis's adorable tweet:

Image: Bravo