'Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Gives Off Some Serious Disney Villain Vibes

Now that Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel is a new dad, does that mean he's reconsidered jumping back into politics? Has Kensington crying on the other end of the baby monitor night after night worn him out? Is all of it too much? Heck no. He told The Dish that he's going to keep on keeping on with the campaign with Kensington and Kathryn Dennis by his side. "I'm the kind of guy who can do a lot of things at once," he says. "Otherwise, I tend to get bored and that's not good for me. I need to be busy."

What does he mean by boredom not being good for him? What's he alluding to? Ah, right. His past. His scandalous, coke-fueled, prison-servin' past. Boredom is a helluva drug.

I don't necessarily dig all of his political views or his past actions, but he's not, I don't know, a villain by any stretch of the imagination. He isn't even a Bravo villain. Just a dude who seems like he's trying to turn the page and atone for his past transgressions. And avoid boredom at all costs.

He's not a real-life villain, he's not a Bravo villain, but could he be a Disney villain? We love Disney characters here at Bustle, so of course that's where our minds went. I will say this: T-Rav has had some Disney villain-esque moments throughout the season. No, he hasn’t stolen a mermaid’s voice (as far as I know), nor has he pushed his older lion brother into a wildebeest stampede. He isn’t evil.

Calling someone "Disney villain-esque" isn't a diss. Disney villains can be menaces, but they can also be funny and awesome. I mean, who doesn't love Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove?! A real-life villain, that's who.

T-Rav isn't like one Disney villain in particular. He's a Disney villain potpourri, if you will. Here are the ways our buddy T-Rav reminds me of some of my favorite Disney villains:

Partyin' is his jam

Like, he loves it.

Ain't no party like a T-Rav party 'cause a T-Rav party don't stop.

He's The Patriarch of the Pack

To be fair, T-Rav never called his dinner party guests idiots. Shep Rose, however, did:

"Whether he knows it or not, it's kind of brilliant. It's almost like a Monty Python or something. He's got all of these idiots sitting at the table, and the head idiot trying to tell us how to behave."

Everyone in the community knows his name

The Ravenel Bridge, gosh darnit!

He Likes Being in a Position of Power

He must to some degree, right? He was/is a politician, after all.

He Takes Having Good Manners Very Seriously

Why yes, he will have a cup of coffee ready for a lady the morning after. He's a Southern gentleman!

He's Rolling in the Dough

He won't flaunt the actual coins (that'd be uncouth), but it's apparent he has a lot of money. How much money? For one thing, he spent a million dollars to have a polo field put in his backyard. Chump change!

He Sought Out Kathryn

Kathryn's a political scion, T-Rav has the Ravenel Bridge thing going for him. He knew they were and are meant to be. (Hopefully, Kathryn and T-Rav work out better than Belle and Gaston did.)

He Doesn't Think Twice About Shrugging Off The Haters

Just live your life, T-Rav! Ay ay ay ay ay ay. Ain't got no time for no haters.

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