The Dude Chris Brown Punched Rate's the Singer's Swing, TMZ Helps No One In Response

Often when we talk about Chris Brown, it's only to chastise the "I Can Transform Ya" singer. This is, in many many ways, incredibly earned. Rarely are we shaking our heads at anyone other than Chris Brown himself when we're talking about his court cases, etc. Then in steps TMZ, always a reliable source to aim one's annoyance towards. Especially when they're using a childish misogynist as an excuse to be childish and misogynistic. Parker Adams, the guy Brown allegedly punched in our nation's capital last year, appeared in court recently and was asked to compare the strength of Brown's punch to that of Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy. Parker said they rated at a six and a ten, respectively. TMZ's reporting took the opportunity for a big headline that read that Brown "punches like a little girl."

This is TMZ, so it's not like we should exactly be surprised at the fifth-grade level insults happening over there. TMZ isn't exactly known as our society's beacon of class and progressive thinking. But we'd like to officially role our eyes in defense of little girls everywhere, because they deserve more than getting thrown into the middle of this mess.