'The Challenge: Free Agents' Was The Hook-Up Capital of Uruguay This Week

So can we just rename The Challenge House as The Love Shack? There must have been something in the air this week, as the biggest action and fiercest competition happened outside of the game and inside the house. This week’s love connections and hook-ups included Dustin and Jessica, Dustin and Emilee, Cohutta and Nany, Jasmine and Swift, Jasmine and Isaac, and, lastly, Laurel and Jordan. In the words of Bey, “GOD DAMN GOD DAMN GOD DAMN!”

As lucky as Dustin was in the romance department, he was less lucky in the game and was voted into the elimination round by Cohutta and Laurel, who also sent in Jonna. Dustin was sadly sent home by Frank (who saw THAT coming!?) and Jonna was safe after beating Emilee.

Though there was plenty of making out and bumpin’ and grindin’ going on, we all know The Challenge isn’t really a show for the lovers. It’s a show for the fighters. Not surprisingly, the first big fight out of the house was instigated by none other than CT. To be fair, everyone did charge their drinks to his bill during a big night out ($750 to be exact) and for some reason the screaming started with Camila and CT and ended with Camila and Nany. Ah Challenge fights, you wild untamed, beasts, you.

Names were called, a few slaps were thrown into the air (no faces were harmed during the making of this episode), and all was clear the next morning when dust and booze settled. While all of this was going down, Jasmine and Isaac managed to slip under everyone’s radar and do some, ahem, “training.” Snaps, you two, snaps.

Speaking of Isaac, the fellas this season are eerily low-drama. Even CT hasn’t blown up in a big way at anyone. Frank hasn’t cried. Johnny Bananas has made no sworn enemies. Zach hasn’t made a big stink with Jonna. Maybe Cohutta, Brandon, and Leroy are really rubbing off on everyone. Gasp! Will the nice guys finished first this season? Ah, but where’s the tacky MTV reality drama in that? It’s what we’re all tuning in for as The Challenge continues to define all that encompasses “Guilty Pleasure.” Let’s see how things heat up next week, we're just in the calm before the storm.

Image: MTV