George R. R. Martin Reveals What An Adult Dragon Will Look Like On 'Game of Thrones' — PHOTO

Wanna know how big those Game of Thrones dragons will be? You now can, since George R. R. Martin has revealed what a full dragon looks like in an excerpt of A World of Ice And Fire, the upcoming historical companion book to his A Song of Ice And Fire novels. The excerpt, which he posted on his website, is complete with a pic of an adult dragon. That's right, a grown up dragon. You thought Danaerys's dragons were growing quickly on HBO's Game of Thrones? Just wait until the show gets to this point!

You can read Martin's excerpt if you click right on over here. It's history, so don't worry, there's no risk of any spoilers.

Evidently, this companion book will be super helpful for Throneheads who need some clarification on the history of Westeros. And yes, he's keenly aware of how desperately fans want him to hurry up and finish the book — so much so that he even made a joke about it on Wednesday. Still, this historical companion book should satiate some needs for the time being.

But let's talk about this dragon pic. This dragon looks EPIC. Can you imagine Emilia Clarke hanging out with one of these guys — well, three of these guys? Will our new, less porny Daario Naharis join for the dragon ride? We'll have to see what happens in the coming seasons, as Martin confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the image will indeed be what the full grown up dragons will look like on the show. And we know we'll get to see them, since Game of Thrones has already been confirmed for two more seasons. Heck yes.

Anyway, check out this badass dragon. Imagine that fully realized on your television.