George R. R. Martin's Solution To Finishing 'Game of Thrones' Series in Time is Hilarious

So, obviously fans want to know how the Game of Thrones books will end (and if they will end at all), and there's a lot of pressure on its creator to finish them, especially so that he can keep up with the HBO series. George R. R. Martin joked that he'll finish the books by telling the second half of the current book he's working on from Hodor's perspective. In other words, the second half of the book would simply be iterations of the word "Hodor," (vocal intonations would be implied).

Martin tweeted this — complete with an image of what it would look like — much to the delight of many of Game of Thrones fans. Hodor's limited lexicon always serves as a good punchline for Throneheads. But the question remains: what if the second half of the book seriously just consists of variations on Hodor? That would leave a lot of interpretation up to the reader; they're not privy to Kristian Nairn's seventy ways of saying Hodor. But that said, who wouldn't want to view the world from the eyes of Hodor?

Martin's already been on a string of funny tweets; on Wednesday he tweeted, "If the rest of the series flops, I can always be a wedding planner." HA.

Anyway, both show fans and book fans alike will appreciate this tweet from Martin, who's obviously throwing a funny bone at his fans, who want him to finish ASAP. And you know what I have to say to that? Well, only one word.