Kristen Bell Gets Naked to Prove She Can Survive in the Wilderness & She Succeeds — VIDEO

The moral of the story is that if you are a celebrity, you should never admit to being a fan of something if you're not prepared to prove it. Emma Stone learned that lesson on Australia 2 Day when Mel B asked Stone to sing her favorite Spice Girls song and Stone forgot the lyrics. Thankfully, she's had a second (and a third and a fourth) chance to redeem herself since and now no one's going to question her status as a Spice Girls super-fan, especially not since Emma Stone can forge their autographs. When Kristen Bell appeared on Ellen DeGeneres Friday morning, she talked about her love for the reality show Naked and Afraid. Naturally, DeGeneres put her to the test by having Bell complete a Naked and Afraid obstacle course.

Naked and Afraid is a reality show on the Discovery Channel that follows the lives of a male and female survivalist who meet for the first time and then have to live in the wilderness for 21 days — completely naked. Every episode follows a different couple being driven out into the middle of nowhere by a local, where they proceed to strip down and walk off to prove they can survive.

Bell talked about a test that you can take to see if you would survive on the show, which is called your Primitive Survival Rate (PSR). "I came out to a 7.1 [out of ten]," she said. "I was pretty proud of myself." Whether or not she actually intended that to be taken as a challenge was immediately irrelevant because DeGeneres proceeded to present a Naked and Afraid imitation set and told Bell to go backstage and disrobe for the obstacle course.

Luckily, Bell did manage to put her money where her mouth was, starting a fire and building a shelter in under a minute while dealing with raging winds, a shower of ping-pong balls, and DeGeneres spraying her with water every few seconds. In fact, she finished the contest with three seconds to spare and popped out to give the camera a thumbs up. Not that that's any surprise. Bell did portray Veronica Mars, after all, and if there's one thing that Veronica was always good at, it's surviving.

Watch the entire clip below.

Image: The Ellen Show/Youtube