Easter Eggs Inspired by 'Game of Thrones,' 'Despicable Me,' and More? Yes, Please!

The best thing about Easter, besides all of the candy (duh), has to be decorating Easter eggs. What other holiday gives adults an excuse to play with their food? Instead of just throwing egg shells away, we can dye them, paint them, even add glitter and rhinestones if you're feeling really creative.

Though for some, even that's not enough. For decorating experts, Easter eggs become just another way to showcase their love of pop culture. Whether it's a favorite TV show or character, these fans bring their pop culture obsession to Easter with some impressive decorations. The best part? Many of them sell their egg creations, so fans not as artistically inclined can get in on the fun.

Here are some of the best pop culture inspired Easter eggs the Internet has to offer.

'Captain America'

Because The Winter Soldier was that good.

Available from JeanEllsworthDesign/Etsy

'Star Trek'

Hide Spock somewhere in a Star Trek fan’s Easter basket for a nice/scary surprise.

Available from SavannahRoseGifts/Etsy

'Doctor Who'

Any good Doctor Who fan needs everything they own to reference the show in some way, the same goes for Easter eggs.

Available from artbythedozen/Etsy

More 'Doctor Who'

Why stop at one egg? Make the whole basket Doctor-themed.

Available from NerdFreakinTastic/Etsy

'Game of Thrones' Dragon Egg

It might be a little bigger than the average Easter egg, but it’s also way more awesome and completely customizable.

Available from TheZenFrog/Etsy

'Alice in Wonderland'

The white rabbit may not be the Easter Bunny, but having a 3D egg is worth the switch.

Available from Jenseekspics/Etsy


Turn any egg into Sherlock Holmes just be adding this appropriately-sized hat.

Available from otterlydesign/Etsy

'The Powerpuff Girls'

Bring some nostalgia to your Easter basket.

Available from JeanEllsworthDesign/Etsy

'Star Wars'

Is there any pop culture character more suited to be painted on an egg than R2-D2?

Available from UpperEchelonCrafts/Etsy

'Despicable Me'

These minions are actually plastic eggs, so they can still be filled with candy, making these officially the best Easter eggs ever.

Available from MrPeabodysCustomary/Etsy