What Will Happen On 'Orange Is The New Black's Second Season? Here Are 7 Crazy Theories

ATTENTION INMATES! The trailer for Orange Is The New Black Season 2 is here, and it looks like things at Litchfield are about to get REAL. Really real. If the new season if anything like the first one, I'll probably be watching the entire thing within 24 hours of its release of Netflix, with maybe one or two breaks to get snacks or use the bathroom. Showering and social commitments can definitely wait. This is, in my non-professional opinion, the only way to watch the show if you're truly hardcore.

But until June 6 comes around and I proceed to disappear into my room for two days with various snacks, I have so many questions! Who is that new prisoner? Is Morello out of jail? What is even going on with Alex? Why must they tease me so?! Having only seen that shameless tease of a trailer and with no other factual information, I've been left to elaborately theorize about what is probably going to be happening in Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black.

Piper Is Going To Snap

We all know Piper's been on the verge of a nervous breakdown since she got to Litchfield, and she's never been one to follow rules, which is what got her there in the first place. I'm not sure what she's going to snap about, or how she's going to do it, but she's sticking with the "lone wolf" thing, and she's threatening to rip someone's throat out. So. Something's about to GO DOWN.

Does Morello Get Released?

Was that Morello trying on a dress? Out of jail?! Does she somehow get released in time for her wedding? What is even happening??

Red Is About To Get Served

There's a new prisoner at Litchfield that Red recognizes from her pre-prison days. She also looks terrified of her. This new bad-ass prisoner might be challenging Red's status as the resident HBIC at Litchfield and generally shaking things up in Season 2, but Red's not going down without a fight.

Daya and Officer Bennett Continue To Get it On (And Stage A Prison Takeover?)

Daya and Bennett have the hottest, weirdest, cutest illicit love ever, and they're going to keep having secret make-out sessions in the broom closet in Season 2. They also seem to be plotting some kind of takeover of Litchield? Are they secretly planning to incite a prison revolt and free Daya during the chaos? Will they get secretly married? Either way, Mr. Nice Bennett is a thing of the past (Season 1, to be exact), and he seems really serious about starting this whole prison-war-thing.

More Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes is going to be playing a much more prominent role this season, and all I have to say is THANK YOU. She's aligning herself with the Litchfield's new inmate and will probably be an even more prominent character this season. Lots of new characters popped up in the trailer, as well as old favorites that might be getting a lot more screen time. (Doggett was nowhere to be seen though?)

Alex Is Back, But Only For A Little Bit?

I'm really glad the whole "is she or isn't she" question of Laura Prepon's return to Season 2 has been resolved, and fans everywhere can let out a huge sigh of relief. But Alex Vause only shows up in the Season 2 trailer for all of three seconds! BUT I NEED ALL THE ALEX VAUSE, ALL THE TIME! Is she only playing a minor role? Who is that blonde person she's talking to? Doe she appear to briefly profess her love to Piper and then disappear? I NEED TO KNOW!

There's A Storm Coming, and It's Going To Ruin Everything

According to Sister Ingalls, there's a storm coming, and everything is going to hit. The. Fan. A literal storm? A metaphorical storm? Who knows, but inmates are plotting, and lines have been drawn. It's all happening.

Check out the trailer below, and theorize for yourself:

Images: Netflix