'Orphan Black' Season 2 Theories: How Alison Will Spiral Out Of Control This Season

Out of all of the clones we've met on Orphan Black, Alison is probably the most complicated. Sure, you all may think I'm crazy because Sarah stole a fellow clone's identity, had to run from her crazy ex-boyfriend, faked her death, has a child, etc, etc. But in terms of personality, Alison has been through a lot of major changes.

She met many different versions of herself and, yet still had to keep it together for her family by continuing to be a soccer mom that planned potluck lunches. Then her world started to fall apart when she found out about monitors. She tortured her husband with a hot-glue gun, she had a quick affair with her ex-best friend Aynsley's husband and was forced to sit through an intervention by a bunch of judge-y housewives and husbands. And to top it all off, when Aynsley accidentally choked herself with her scarf and her garbage disposal, Alison did nothing to stop it.

Even after all of these psychotic acts and hard times, I still have a lot of sympathy for Alison. She ended last season by unknowingly signing her life away to Dr. Aldous Leekie and the DYAD Institution all because he made her believe life would stay the same and that her monitor would be lifted. Unbeknownst to her, her monitor is her husband.

While everyone talks about how this could be the "Season of Cosima," I think it's important to look at Alison's state of mind and see how she could be a real threat to herself and others once she realizes how much freedom she does not have now that she is voluntarily allowing the DYAD Institute to have access to her.

Alison Starts Drinking... A LOT

We know from a few episodes in Season 1 that Alison is a heavy drinker; remember the mess she became at her potluck? It's very possible that Aynsley's death haunts her and she turns to the booze more often and more heavily. The alcohol could then be a gateway to prescription pills and we could see Alison going down the same path Beth went down before committing suicide.

Alison Divorces Donnie

This actually would be a great decision on Alison's part. Maybe she finally realizes Donnie has been lying to her for years and finally ditches him. But it would be surprising if the only action she takes is to divorce him. Considering her suspicions of him caused her to take a hot glue gun to his chest, there could be a lot more violence headed Donnie's way. Not to mention what Leekie would do to him if he lost Alison.

Distance Herself From Everyone Except Felix

From the the end of Season 1 to the Season 2 poster, it seems that Alison and Felix have become fast friends. Perhaps Alison decides to cut herself off from everyone she knows and only interacts with Felix. Perhaps Felix is the only person she tells about how Aynsley actually died? This would cause Felix to have to shoulder the huge responsibility of trying to help Alison through her dark time on his own. That's an impossible task for anyone.

Alison Runs Away

This one is pretty obvious. After fighting to keep this "perfect suburban life" and failing, Alison could just decide to go on the run from the Neolutionists. But we all know that won't work.

Alison Kills Someone

She didn't stop Aynsley from dying. Perhaps this time someone will die by Alison's actual hands.

Images: BBC America; Tumblr/orphanblack; Tumblr/adiosdragster