Who Is The New Clone on 'Orphan Black'? Meet Jennifer Fitzsimmons

Okay, so we know who Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Beth, Katja, Helena, and Rachel are on Season 2 of BBC's Orphan Black , but what about the new kid on the block? According to a video that's been floating around the webs of the Internet, a new clone is joining Orphan Black: Jennifer Fitzsimmons. A.k.a. the writers are making Tatiana Maslany learn new lines and a new personality for an entirely different character. Side note: Can someone please tell me why she doesn't have an award for her role(s) on the show yet? Seriously, someone needs to explain this to me because it doesn't make sense.

Maslany's eighth featured clone to join the ranks, Jennifer, is a 28-year-old teacher and swim coach whose health is rapidly declining. According to the co-creators of the show, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, Jennifer "is a bright-eyed Midwestern pure of heart girl," which we can only assume will rub some of the other clones the wrong way. Fawcett also adds:

Jennifer is a clone who was naïve, she didn't know she was a clone, and was being monitored by her boyfriend. She gets sick, and with a kind of the version of the illness that Katja had. And of course, a version of the illness that Cosima has. Just that discovery alone is the kind of discovery that shakes Cosima. It really rattles her.

With Season 1 ending with us learning that Cosima is seriously sick, it only makes sense that her storyline is going to weave into Jennifer's storyline. With Katja dead, and Jennifer obviously on her way, Cosima is probably going to spend her time learning everything she can about their illness (and who caused it) so she can prevent her own death. However, it will definitely be interesting to see how the rest of the clones handle meeting another one of them. For some reason, I don't see rough-and-tough Sarah or abrasive Alison taking to Jennifer as well as Cosima probably will.

Check out the below video to learn a little bit more about Jennifer and what's to come in Season 2:

Images: BBC America (2)