9 Ways 'Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser Is More Interesting Than Pete Campbell In Real Life

Vincent Kartheiser plays slimy, easily outraged, easy-to-make-fun-of creep Pete Campbell on Mad Men, but it turns out he's way more interesting in real life. As Mad Men draws to a close, he reveals a side of him that's offbeat, kooky, and a little weird in a recent story by Vulture. Even if you're a die-hard Mad Men fan, you may not have known the following about our favorite TV weirdo.

He was only 22 when the show premiered

Vincent Kartheiser basically grew up on the set of Mad Men.

His fiancé shops for him

Kartheiser met his fiancé Alexis Bledel on the set of Mad Men Season 5, but unlike his character, Kartheiser lives an eco-friendly lifestyle and rarely shops for new clothes. Bledel is the one who must figure out what the dude's going to wear.

He started a rumor that he didn't have a toilet

Kartheiser was apparently responsible for starting a rumor that he did not have a toilet in his Hollywood cabin. He's really pushing that eco-friendly there.

He commuted to the set of Mad Men without a car

Vincent Kartheiser spent four years commuting to the set of Mad Men. By Bus. In Los Angeles. Not only does he seem extremely committed to the environment, but he deserves some serious respect for even attempting to navigate the horror that is LA's bus system. FOR FOUR YEARS! That, my friends, is dedication. But then again, if I was starring in a show on AMC and didn't have a car, I would unicycle there if I had to.

He eventually bought a car because he got tired of waiting for the bus (understatement of the century). Also, he was probably rich by then.

He was a musical theater kid

Kartheiser was a musical theater geek, which shows that there truly is hope for the rest of us former stars of the spring musical. He used to act out musicals like Annie as a kid with his sisters.

He was a child actor

Did you know Kartheiser was in Indian in the Cupboard??

He has an elaborate warm-up routine

According to the Vulture piece, Kartheiser has a really loud and obnoxious vocal warm-up routine that everyone else on set has just had to learn to accept.

He's not worried about life after Mad Men

Another reason he's cooler than Pete Campbell:

I have no ambition. I’ve learned not to have any expectations or any hopes[…] The truth is, I hope I can always just do regional theater somewhere. I don’t have this big fear of ‘Will I ever do something as amazing as Mad Men again?’ because that’s not up to me. And if I put that pressure on myself, how does that help?

He knows how to tap dance

Enough said. He's cool, you guys.

Images: AMC; Wifflegif; Buzzsugar; Worldofwonder