Clashes in Egypt Leave 9 Dead

In what appears to be an increasingly bleak crisis, tensions between Morsi supporters and anti-Morsi protesters escalated Monday, leaving nine dead and at least 90 injured, in a clash only hours after Morsi's family accused the army of kidnapping the ex-President.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters on their way to the U.S. embassy reportedly instigated confrontations with anti-Morsi demonstrators in Tahrir square in Cairo, leading to an exchange of rocks and gunfire in which one person died and 23 were wounded.

"They fired on us with birdshot and pistols. They tried to overrun the square." said a protestor who was wounded by a birdshot.

More violence broke out near Cairo University, where Morsi supporters staging a sit-in clashed with locals and were allegedly shot at by snipers on rooftops, killing six. Another two 18-year-olds were killed in clashes near the Qalioubiya region, north of Cairo.

According to Ahram Online, 86 people in total were hurt during the clashes, 12 of whom only suffered minor injuries, and 74 of whom are still being treated.

Earlier on Monday, Morsi's family made a public statement in which they accused the Egyptian army of "abducting" ousted President Mohammed Morsi, and warning that they would be appealing to the International Criminal Court for help. Both U.S. and E.U. officials have called on the ex-leader — who is currently being held at an undisclosed location — to be released.