His Directorial Debut Looks Like a Must-See

After the Cannes Film Festival announced that Ryan Gosling would appear with his directorial debut for the film Lost River, the world lost it (or, at least, I did. Inwardly.) Gosling as an actor and a director? Nothing beats that! Riding high on the buzz of the Cannes announcement, production has released two new photos from Ryan Gosling's Lost River , to give us a glimpse at the odd but oh-so-intriguing treat that awaits us this year.

These images are indeed strange and even a bit ominous: We seem to see what might be a woman struggling in the underworld, as the film’s plot suggests. Lost River, which will star Mad Men actress and Gosling's former Drive co-star Christina Hendricks, The Grand Budapest Hotel's Saoirse Ronan, and The Place Beyond the Pines’ Eva Mendes (a.k.a., Gosling’s boo thang) and Ben Mendelsohn, is still pretty mysterious when it comes to plot, but what we do know is that the movie will follow a mom (Hendricks) falling into the underworld while her son discovers a secret underwater town.

As I’m sure you’re thinking right now, this seems pretty strange for a first ever-directed Gosling movie, but maybe that’s just what he needs to prove he can do more than act in front of the camera. Additionally, you don’t get selected for the Cannes Film Festival without having something that truly stands out, right?

Hopefully we’ll get a few more hints (or bizarre photos) to fill in the gaps, but if we don’t, we’ll have to anxiously wait for the movie, which will premiere at the festival this May.

Images: Bold Films, Marc Platt Productions