Orphan Black's Season 2 Premiere Lets Sarah Manning Kick Ass & Demand Answers

Wow. The first six minutes alone of the Orphan Black Season 2 premiere were intense. The show wasted no time dawdling with different characters or storylines and went right into what happened when Sarah Manning found that Kira had been taken from Mrs. S' apartment.

After running down the street desperately calling the other clones for help, Sarah made her way into a diner and tried to get answers from ex-lover Paul. She was unfortunately ambushed by two creepy looking men — well, one creepy man and one man whose creepiness was diminished because he chose to wear a bolo tie. The two men told Sarah they were ordered to take her to Kira, which was obviously a trick. After a shootout that resulted in the death of the diner owner and Mr. Bolo Tie, Sarah kicked through a wall (yes, actually) and made her escape.

Sarah then met with Felix to discuss how to get Kira back and asked him to procure a gun from Alison. She then made a call to Paul asking to meet and give her answers about the abduction. He told her about a party at the DYAD Institute and she set up a complicated plan with which the other clones and Felix are definitely not onboard. While there's no doubt this plan will involve some violence and a lot of danger, I've got to support Sarah here. Everything is fair when it comes to getting your child back from darkness.

Dressed as Cosima, Sarah entered the DYAD Institute intending to find Rachel and beat Kira's location out of her. Though she was quite stealth about making her way through the building, Sarah was unable to get the drop on Rachel. The two clones faced off and Rachel finally told Sarah the truth: She didn't kidnap Kira. Rachel was just trying to get to Sarah.

Of course, Sarah didn't believe her evil doppleganger, and pushed her to the ground before Paul walked in and stopped her. She backed off, but not without getting one last well-deserved bitch-slap. Paul let Sarah escape and she ran to Art to finally get some much-needed police assistance.

That's when Art dropped another bomb on Sarah, he knew Rachel and the Neolutionists were not responsible for Kira's abduction. The pattern was much more similar to that of the Prolethians like Maggie Chen and Helena.

While you may be thinking, "but isn't Helena dead?" Here comes the final bombshell of this already jam-packed season premiere: Helena is alive.

Now this shocker might be a bit confusing and implausible, but somehow I'm totally in love with this twist. Before Helena died, she was starting to regain the humanity she had lost due to the Prolethians' and Tomas' brainwashing techniques. But bringing her back and having her aware that Sarah, the only clone she ever bonded with, shot her and left her for dead will only add another layer of conflict to her ever growing conscience. And how will her resurfacing affect Sarah and her plan to take down Rachel and the DYAD Institute? If this premiere is any indication to how amazing and action-packed the whole season will be, I can't wait to find out.

Image: BBC America