Justin Bartha Has a Baby Girl: 6 Things He Should Name Her

It's a girl for Justin Bartha, who welcomed his newborn child with wife Lia Smith last Sunday, April 13. Since they got married a few months ago without telling the media (how dare they!) they have stuck with their theme of keeping their life private, and the couple has not released their daughter's name. Or perhaps they just haven't decided on one yet. So rather than naming their child after something boring like a close, cherished family member (yawn) we suggest Bartha simply draw upon his own film career for name options. After all, what is a celebrity baby name if not a little silly? It's practically a requirement. So with that in mind, here are our top 6 choices.


What better way to pay tribute to Bartha's former costar Nicolas Cage than by naming his first born child after him? They once played movie BFFs, so it makes total sense that Bartha would want to honor Cage's rebirth as a legit actor and forever commemorate it with his child's moniker.


But, perhaps he wants to be a bit more self-centered and name his kid after his own National Treasure character. Can't fault him for that, it was his breakout role.


Sawyer Collins was the baby name Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells' characters decided to name their daughter on the television show The New Normal. Unfortunately the show got axed before we really got to know the baby, but now Sawyer is up for grabs as Bartha's real child's name. So at least one good thing came out of the show's cancellation.

4. ACE

This was the nickname for his character in Failure to Launch. It has a less than feminine backstory

But it's just weird enough to be a good celeb baby name and also be semi-normal. No one has to know it came from Failure to Launch, Justin. It'll be our little secret.


In an homage to his Hangover days, Bartha can name his daughter this spin on Carlos, which is what Zach Galifianakis calls the mystery baby for much of the movie.


Okay it's not a film reference, and I promise I'm not throwing this out there because it's my name, but there needs to exist a human named Martha Bartha. If I can't marry Justin Bartha and fulfill this prophesy, then he just needs to name his kid that. Either way, as long as there's someone whose moniker sounds like it's been put into the "name game" I'm good to go.


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