Neil Patrick Harris Curses At Fan During 'Hedwig' & It Was — Wait for it — Legendary

When a celebrity is in the middle of a performance, you don’t interrupt them. Even if it’s because you’re being a huge fangirl… or so we’ve learned from those like Kanye motherfucking West who doesn’t like when people attempt to disrupt his “art.” This weekend, the latest victim of fans getting a bit too rowdy was Neil Patrick Harris. A fan disrupted Harris’ Broadway show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which led to the celebrity briefly stopping his performance to respond.

During the performance, a female fan yelled, “I love you, Neil!” and Harris in turn shouted, “I’m doing something up here, motherfucker!” First of all, what’s up with everyone throwing out the f-bomb as a response to fan disruptions? Let’s get some new material, guys. Also, I’m not sure who committed the faux pas here. Either the fan was in the wrong because she shouted during a Broadway play or Harris was in the wrong for yelling back in a Broadway play.

Yet it looks like everyone approved of Harris’ response, as the audience reportedly applauded his actions according to the New York Post. Though I’m going to have to side with Harris on this one, I wonder why we can’t all just settle down and respect one another. Fans shouldn’t interrupt performances but celebrities should also realize that for us, seeing our heroes in person is like having a dinner date with a god. So, as a future reference to everyone out there, take a look at some of these similar fan-celebrity situations, and please try not to repeat them.

Dubai Loves Justin Bieber

In 2013, one male fan was a little bit overzealous and decided it would probably be a good idea to jump on stage mid-performance to make an introduction with his idol. The fan attempted to grab Bieber while he was playing piano during on of his songs, and security had to tackle him on stage. Ridiculous… but also kind of funny.

Flipping The Bird

Justin Timberlake was caught by surprise when one female started flipping him off during one of his concerts so that she could get his attention. Fortunately for her, it worked. On the other hand, what she did made her look like a fool in front of thousands of other Timberlake fans, especially when the singer and the crowd started flipping each other off to mimic her.

That Time Akon Was Still Around

During one of the singer’s performances, a 15-year-old threw something at him, which caused him to become quite peeved. Akon was so upset that he actually picked up the boy and threw him off the stage and into the crowd. Of course, Akon was only charged a $350 fine despite endangering a minor.

Rihanna Started A Food Fight

There was also that time that Rihanna was late to once of her concerts on her Diamonds tour and some disapproving fans threw bags of potato chips at the singer during her performance for the song Rude Boy. The celebrity had a lot to say when this took place, stating, “I swear to god, cut that shit out. Really, chips? Chips though? That’s that important? I knew you were all going to be crazy but fuck. This is the next level.” First, don’t be late for a concert that you know fans are paying hundreds of dollars for. Second, don’t throw food at your so-called favorite singer even if (s)he is late… it’s extremely wasteful.

Beyonce Is Queen And You Never Upset The Queen

Honestly, there’s no reason that you should ever disrupt one of Beyonce’s concerts, but it’s possible that fans are just so honored to be in her presence that they can’t contain themselves. At one of her shows, the singer was forced to yell, “You can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping! I’m right in your face, baby. You gotta seize this moment. Put that damn camera down!” when a man couldn’t sing back her lyrics to her because he was too busy on his camera phone. Embarrassing? Yes. But I can also see why someone would want to record Bey’s angelic tendencies to forever have as a keepsake on their phone. However, when a fan once slapped Beyonce’s derriere at a concert in Copenhagen, it made absolute sense for the singer to get angry. Never. Touch. The Queen.