'Mad Men's Episode-Ending Song Was 'This Will Be Our Year' By The Zombies Because Don Might Be OK

Every week, AMC's best show about advertising (The Pitch wasn't exactly a riveting reality show, OK?) closes out with a memorable tune meant to send us off to dream land with visions of Joanie, Don, Peggy, & Sally. This week, Mad Men's "A Day's Work" ended with "This Will Be Our Year" by the Zombies, but should we buy into all this seeming optimism?

I'd give this one a big ol' heaping of "yes." In Don's corner, we've got his charming moment with Sally. He's realized the benefit of keeping his daughter innocent as long as possible (hence that "I don't like the idea of you going to a funeral" nonsense). He wants to soak up Sally-as-a-kid time now that his little girl is quickly becoming a young woman. It's a little too late, but as Don watches Sally walk home from his car, it's clear to see that he's finally realizing how important his daughter is to him. Don really could be making progress -- even if his apartment is full of cockroaches and that bastard Lou is still in his office.

But it's not just Don whose progress is echoed by "This Will Be Our Year." We also find Joan moving on up to the accounts floor, in a spacious office where the flowers Roger sent her from their son will make a grand accessory. Roger seems a little miffed by Joan's decision to leave her job as Personnel Manager for an account man's (still a gendered title in this episode, unfortunately) office, but even he knows there's no stopping Joanie. This really is shaping up to be her year.

And finally, there's Dawn, who finally got a decent storyline this week. While she starts the episode joking with Shirley about folks in the office mixing up their names (likely because they're the only two women of color in the office and the folks at SC&P aren't exactly known for their inclusiveness), Dawn ends the episode with a new title and her own office. After Bert Cooper objects to Joan placing her at reception ("People can see her from the elevator!" Well, dearie me.) Joan places Dawn in her old desk. As Joan becomes a big kahuna upstairs, Dawn becomes the hardass running the show. It just might be Dawn's year too.

Finally, if you're just dying to hear the Zombies' tune once more (and let visions of Joan and Dawn taking over everything dance in your head) here's the full length song:

Image: AMC