Amy Schumer's "Foodroom" Bloopers Are Even Funnier Than The Original Sketch — VIDEO

If you were watching the Aaron Sorkin spoof from Inside Amy Schumer on repeat, take a break, and watch the bloopers. The Foodroom is a perfectly crafted Sorkin-esque riff on The Newsroom, and has all those touches that Aaron Sorkin has practically branded — spitfire conversation, evocations of morality in long speeches, romantic tension between all of the characters, and women that "are worth nothing unless she's making a great man greater," as Schumer bitingly mocks Sorkin's less-than-fully developed female characters. And are there walk and talks? You bet there are, what would a Sorkin spoof be without them? And yes, of course, they're set to gut-wrenching music that makes you feel feelings. Hey, if Sorkin's style wasn't so well-crafted, it might not be so easy to mock.

In the blooper reel, we see just how difficult it is for Amy Schumer, Josh Charles, and the rest of the cast to keep straight faces in the sketch, which takes place is in a generic fast food restaurant. How could you hold in the laughter when reciting lines like "Someone emptied their butt in the women's bathroom" and "I'm stuffing cous cous into a calzone?" Josh Charles and Amy Schumer are magical, and these bloopers are just proof that their chemistry might be a little TOO good — even when they gaff their lines, they've got great one-liners.

"I'm telling you my real shit right now," Schumer jokes when Charles break character. "I don't care about it!" he replies. Watch the hilarity below:

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