Chris Brown's Bodyguard Found Guilty & That's Probably a Very Bad Sign for the Singer

When Chris Brown comes up in conversation, it's usually with a lot of head shaking and sighing and eye rolling. This comes to the surprise of absolutely no one (except perhaps Team Breezy), because Chris Brown usually comes up in conversation in connection to some outlandish stunt or wild act of violence. Remember the time Chris Brown went from rehab straight to jail? Remember the time Chris Brown released a dance video while he was in jail? Remember the time most of us had given up hope that he was ever even going to jail? Well, in another installment of his own personal Jailhouse Rock, Chris Brown's trial has been postponed until Wednesday because of his bodyguard's guilty verdict.

The trial was set for Monday, April 21 and it hadn't even started before it was compromised. Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, was put on trial first and D.C. Superior Judge Patricia Wynn found him guilty of assault, ruling that Hollosy was "not justified in hitting Parker Adams since there was no evidence he was advancing on the singer as he took photos with a fan".

Hollosy's trial was supposed to clear him so he could be free to testify on Brown's behalf during Brown's trial, but apparently no one expected him to actually be found guilty. His attorney wants to appeal, which means that if they want Hollosy to testify during Brown's trial then they're going to need to grant him immunity so he doesn't have to worry about incriminating himself just to help Brown walk free. Or not, considering there's a Los Angeles judge waiting to hear what Brown's verdict is before deciding whether or not he should be thrown back in jail.

Wynn has already stated that she believes the limo driver who testified that Brown and Hollosy hit Adams, who didn't hit them back. If Hollosy has been found guilty, then it's a good guess that Brown might be found guilty as well. His assault on Adams outside of the W Hotel is just one of many he's been connected to over the years and if the judge believes that there was no need for Brown's bodyguard to get involved then she probably won't believe that the attack was justified on Brown's part at all.

Quite honestly, no matter what the verdict is, more jail time can't be anything but good for Brown. Every single time he claims to have moved passed his volatile behavior and brushes with the law, he's losing his temper again like a second hasn't passed since he started down this path. Team Breezy wouldn't need to be concerned. As his "Don't Be Gone Too Long" dance video proves, a little thing like jail time wouldn't necessarily stop Brown from releasing new material.