Emma Stone Is The Perfect 'Vogue' Cover Girl

It's a hard task to be the Vogue cover girl who comes after Kimye (that was sort of a big deal). But the glossy seems to have found the one person who can do it right: Emma Stone, who looks gorgeous on the May 2013 cover of Vogue.

While, from what we can see, her outfit is certainly interesting (there's quite the hat situation going on), the main focus of the cover is the 25-year-old actress' natural beauty. Her hair is tousled and loose, and her minimal makeup makes it hard to look away from the photo.

Ugh, I want to be Emma Stone (who doesn't, really?). The Vogue issue features more fashion shots of the Spider-Man 2 actress in beautiful, ornate clothes — and Stone looks good in all of them. Surprise! (You're not surprised? Weird.)

The issue also features an interview with Stone, in which she talks quite a bit about her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. And since they are arguably the most loveably adorable couple in Hollywood, we're all pretty interested in what she had to say.

"I think I've learned a lot by being around him," Stone says. "And, you know, he is an incredibly important person to me." She goes on to say, "It's been fun working with him just because of who he is as an actor and person. I think it would be fun no matter what."

Garfield said something similar of co-star and girlfriend Stone in the issue. "I thank my lucky stars that we've been able to be on this ride together," Garfield said. "We all need companions in the mystery to get you out of your head and into your heart, to moan to and to take the piss out of it all with."

Another great highlight of the interview: Stone also admitted in Vogue that she sometimes Googles herself. And although she said that she doesn't always like what she finds online, it's pretty endearing that even a Vogue cover girl and A-list actress is curious what other people are saying about her. What can we learn from this? Besides the gorgeous boyfriend, Vogue cover, and general fame — basically Emma Stone is just like us. Basically.

As Vogue-readers and Emma-watchers know, this isn't the first time Miss Stone has graced a Vogue cover. Emma was on the cover of Vogue way back in July 2012 looking a whole lot different. With blonde hair, an outfit that looked strikingly like lingerie, and dark eye makeup, Emma's 2012 Vogue cover is pretty darn different than this May's. Funny enough, her first cover was promoting the first installment of the Spider-Man movies, while this year's cover talks about the second film in the series.

While both covers are gorgeous in their own way, I think it's safe to say that this May's Vogue cover and interview exemplify how much Stone has evolved as an actress and woman over the past couple of years. Stone has grown into a seriously talented performer with natural beauty worth noticing and, more than that, a type of intelligent, endearing honesty that makes her real. Or at least someone you'd obsessively follow on Instagram, envying her witty captions and cute couple photos. But maybe that's just me.