Boston Pizza's Innovative "Pizza Cake" May Soon Make All Your Gluttonous Dreams Come True

From the ramen burger to the waffle taco and every “edible” thing in between, we have officially entered the golden age for unconventional hybrid foods. The latest product of this experimental time for food? Boston Pizza's pizza cake. Yep, as brought to our attention by the Awesomer, Boston Pizza is surveying customers (and anyone with a wifi signal) to vote on which pizza “innovation” they should add to their summer menu. Currently in first place is, you guessed it, the pizza cake.

But that’s only the beginning. Other innovations on the list include: a pizza shirt pocket, pizza cheese clippers, and pizza mints (they come in a teeny, tiny pizza box).

Should the pizza cake win the contest, it wouldn't be Boston's Pizza's first wild innovation. In fact, a few of their more experimental dishes (currently available for purchase) seem kind of mouth-watering (or at least moreso than the pizza cake does). For example: the sriracha chicken pizza — as in pizza, plus the nectar of the gods, married together in one scrumptious dish. (Cue a choir of angels.)

Boston Pizza also serves pizza tacos and pizza burger sliders — just in case you are one of the few who feels turned off by sriracha.

Unfortunately, these current and future pizza creations will only be available for purchase/delivery to people living in Canada. Perhaps Boston Pizza could open a food truck or five in the states? Maybe? Please?!

To view the survey and more pizza innovations, visit Boston Pizza's website!