The Taco Bell Waffle Taco: What Would Katniss, Karen Smith, Gilmore Girls think?

As you probably know, Taco Bell now serves breakfast, and today they added range of new items to their menu. The most notable of which is the waffle taco (or waco, if you will). This is a taco-shaped waffle piled with sausage, eggs, and maple syrup because why not? The menu additions seem to be popular according to Twitter, but these days you're not cool until you have a celebrity endorsement for your product, (sorry Ronald McDonald, you don't count). And which better famous people to get on your side than TV and movie characters? What would pop culture characters think of the waco? Let's see.


1. Katniss Everdeen

At first glance you may think that this Hunger Games heroine would scoff at the waco, due to its Capitol-esque feeling, but this is the girl who dipped regular bread into hot chocolate and loved it, so it seems like she's down for funky food types. (And face it, her stomach can handle anything after years of eating squirrel meat.)

2. Walter Jr.

AKA the King of Breakfast, this Breaking Bad character spent about 85% of the show eating a variety of morning meals. We feel pretty comfortable assuming he'd be totally down to add this breakfast item to his menu.

3. Eric Molsen

Dave Franco's character in 21 Jump Street takes his Taco Bell seriously. When he found out he'd been betrayed by someone who he'd bonded over the food with, he was very upset. So he would probably one of those crazy people who waited in line at like 5 AM to taste the waco first.

4. Dale Denton and Saul Silver

Stoners have a long and fond history with this fast food joint. We have a feeling Seth Rogan and James Franco's Pineapple Express characters would be so totally stoked that the restaurant added breakfast foods as an option.

5. Karen Smith

This Mean Girl would be all over this wacky menu item.

6. Joey Tribbiani

The man who liked Rachel's beef and custard trifle clearly has a steel stomach which makes him Taco Bell's preferred customer.

7. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls' mom and daughter duo were fond of eating things that most humans wouldn't be able to stomach.

8. Spider-Man After He Gets Bitten

Remember when Andrew Garfield's superhero character takes the contents of the entire fridge including the frozen macaroni and cheese? Yeah, post-spider venom Peter Parker doesn't exactly have distinguishing taste buds.

9. Leslie Knope

Anything with the word "waffle" in it and this Parks and Rec character is good to go.


1. Regina George

While Karen would be munching away you know Mean Girl Regina would be all like, "God Karen, do you even know how many carbs are in that?"

2. Kate Sanders

This Lizzie McGuire character gave up carbs while she was in Italy, home of delicious foods like pasta, garlic bread, and pizza. If she could turn that down while in the mother land, she's probably not down with manufactured waffle shells.

2. Hannibal Lecter

Unless the sausage is made from human meat, Lecter's palate is too refined for this greasy breakfast option.

3. Monica Geller

She's a professional chef and a former-fat kid. Waffle tacos represent everything that is evil in her world.

4. Angela From The Office

God didn't create waffles to mingle with eggs and sausage. Blasphemy.

4. Miranda Priestly

If her assistant brought her one of these unhealthy breakfast tacos she'd fire them on the spot. It's The Devil Wears Prada, not Devil Wears Sweatpants, duh.

5. Gordon Ramsay

This face would say it all:


So how does the Taco Bell breakfast waffle fare? Well, more characters still love it than hate it, so consider this your pop culture stamp of approval.

Image: NBCWashington/Twitter/Taco Bell