HBO Go’s New Commercials Show Why You Should Never Watch ‘Girls’ With Your Dad — VIDEOS

Have you ever found yourself watching television with your parents when suddenly a graphic sex scene begins and leaves you wishing you could flee the room except you can't flee the room because then it would be even more awkward? HBO understands these moments, as they should because HBO shows love putting families in these awkward scenarios. HBO has released a new series of commercials which focus on the cringe-worthy situations that can occur when, say, a father walks in the living room while his daughter is watching Girls. The ads promote HBO Go, which allows users to watch HBO shows on their laptops or tablets, with the tagline: "Might be a good time for HBO Go."

Seven of these commercials were created and focus on Girls, True Detective, True Blood, Game of Thrones, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The ads show a variety of parent responses — from the mom and dad trying to figure out a Game of Thrones actor and deciding it's Paul Rudd to the parents assuring their kids they'll never get a divorce while watching Curb — but the best ones have to be the one for True Blood and the one for Girls where Hannah is about to have sex on Adam's couch. In both of these the parents barely say anything which allows the teen to reach peak awkwardness while wondering if their parent is actually paying attention. These two will make you cringe the most and remind you to never, ever watch HBO at your parents' house. Unless you have HBO Go, that is.

The only way these commercials could be improved would be if they included my mom's favorite method of getting through these situations: commenting on something else in the scene as if that would make the risque moment go away. "Oh, I really like that lamp in the background," she would say as Ryan and Marissa started hooking up in the pool house.

Regardless of your own parents' methods, it's likely you've been through something similar and that's what makes the ads so great.

Here are the Girls and True Blood spots. The rest are available to view at Adweek.