Use A 'Walking Dead' Visa Card to Buy These 7 Fan-Made Items

Do you really miss The Walking Dead between seasons or comics? Do you wish there was a way you could remember and honor the series every single day? If so, you're in luck—and maybe a little over-enthusiastic. There is now a line of The Walking Dead prepaid Visa cards, courtesy of, so you can carry your favorite series around with you everywhere you go. There are a variety of cards, each with a different image from The Walking Dead comic series, because if there's one thing that can spice up your wallet, it's zombies.

Since they're prepaid, you load the card of your choice with as much money as you want and then use it the way you would any Visa credit or debit card. But a card as special as this Walking Dead line deserves to be used for special purchases, don't you think? Boring things like groceries and coffee just aren't worthy of being bought with a Visa card covered in zombies.

Why not use your Walking Dead card to buy more Walking Dead items? AMC sells some official merchandise, but it's all pretty boring compared to what the fans themselves have come up with. Etsy is filled with awesome Walking Dead products, here are just a few worthy of the Walking Dead Visa card.

Daryl Dixon Inspired Earrings

Showcase your favorite character with earrings that feature his signature crossbow, motorcycle, and those angel wings.

Available from 1NerdCreations

Custom Michonne & Pets Lego

Make any Lego collection instantly more badass with the addition of Michonne and her two armless walker pets.

Available from BresBitsNPieces

Rick Quote Stitching Pattern

Stitch what has to be the greatest thing Rick has ever said onto the item of your choosing for some Walking Dead flair.

Available from PixyStitching

Wall Decal

Deter any unwanted guests with this foreboding vinyl wall decal.

Available from ValueVinylArt

Bursting Zombie Head

If you really want to be left alone, get this prop replica to scare any potential visitors far, far away.

Available from Imagemotor

Zombie Ear Necklace

If you can't get your own matching version of Daryl's awesome sleeveless vest, at least you can wear his ear necklace. Though this one isn't likely to actually repel walkers.

Available from ZomCom

Walker Wallet

Finally, get yourself something appropriate to keep that Walking Dead Visa card in, a walker-filled wallet.

Available from rockitbot