Is 'The Originals' Klaus Jealous of Hayley & Elijah? Possible Explanations For His Angry Reaction

When your first love is power, there's really no room for anything — or anyone — else, so why does Klaus Mikaelson care so much about other people's relationships? On last week's episode of The CW's The Originals , "The Big Easy," Klaus threw digs at Elijah about his feelings for Hayley and brought it up again in their final argument. We know he doesn't want Hayley for himself — because The Vampire Diaries' Caroline is obviously Klaus' soulmate, duh — and he's really not that interested in the hybrid baby. So why does Klaus care so much about Elijah and Hayley getting together?

The great thing about Klaus on The Originals is that he doesn't really have a romantic interest. And it'd really ruin everything if he, all of a sudden, decided that he was going to challenge Elijah for Hayley. Klaus was ready to leave her to the witches to be killed in the pilot episode — he definitely doesn't want her for himself, so what's so terrible about letting Elijah have her? The soon-to-be-born hybrid baby would be kept close to the Mikaelson family and Hayley and Elijah would be happy — well, as happy as they could be in New Orleans, which is in a constant state of turmoil.

Klaus has virtually no time for romance — what with all of the incessant plotting and planning of his next power-play. So when he confronted Elijah last Tuesday, expecting him to apologize for having feelings for Hayley, we were all surprised that that was his biggest issue with his brother. Because, again, he doesn't really want her for himself. So, here are a few reasons why we think Klaus is so bitter:

He's Straight Up Jealous

This probably isn't the reason, but anything's possible. Klaus pretends he's not really the jealous type (why would he bother being jealous when he could just take whatever he wants from you?) but maybe, deep down, he really is. And not necessarily because Hayley chose her brother over him to develop feelings for, but because he can't have the relationship he yearns for. (LET CAROLINE GO TO THE ORIGINALS, JULIE PLEC!) Or because Elijah's feelings for Hayley and his devotion to keeping that baby safe overshadow his brotherly duties to Klaus.

Whether we believe he's capable of these feelings or not, Klaus certainly has motive to be feeling the pangs of the green monster. Power is great, but what's power when you always have to stand alone?

He's Insecure

I mean, he did technically have Hayley first. It was a one-night-stand, which they both seem to be more than cool with at this point. But now that she's set her sights on Elijah, maybe Klaus is feeling a little insecure about her not pining after him. His baby momma has a crush on his brother — that would leave anyone questioning his self esteem — even Klaus Mikaelson, who attempts to prove on a weekly basis that he's completely devoid of feeling. (Obviously, we're not fooled.) I wonder if he ever listens to Ray J's "I Hit It First"?

He's Just Plain Vindictive

Does Klaus ever need a reason to dislike something or to terrorize someone? Not really. He does whatever he wants, when he wants because he's Klaus Mikaelson, the original hybrid and he's a true immortal. If he just doesn't want Elijah and Hayley to find that happiness and companionship, he'll find any possible reason to make sure they can't and won't ever get together. Because he wants Hayley for himself? Hell no — just because he's Klaus and if he can't have the perfect life, no one will.

He Feels Threatened

It's no secret that Klaus has had a hard time getting a handle on the situation in New Orleans. He came in, proclaimed that he wanted to be king and that he was taking over — and pretty much no one listened. Marcel's vampires revolted (and are still revolting), the witches continued to raise hell all over the place (literally, in Monique's case), and now the werewolves are rampaging through the Quarter doing nothing in particular except getting in the way. But Hayley and Elijah seem to have, effortlessly, acquired power that Klaus couldn't. Elijah might not have complete control over the vampires, but he's gained respect that Klaus couldn't from the community and Hayley's got the werewolves more or less wrapped around her finger.

If the two of them were to go public with their relationship — which we could also call an alliance — Klaus wouldn't have a chance to overpower them. Hayley and Elijah would become the royal couple of New Orleans and Klaus would be left to be their court jester. He would so not be down for that — so this relationship poses a HUGE threat to his constant quest for power.

So which reason is it? We'll have to wait and see if Klaus' putzing around the werewolf compound results in any romantic plays for Hayley — but we'd be willing to bet that it's a combination of them all. As much as we've learned about Klaus from his time on The Vampire Diaries and now on The Originals, we know that there's far more to him than what meets the eye. Which means we could either be grossly underestimating him or none of this matters and he really just wants to eff shit up for fun. Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. Some day you will change.

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