'Southern Charm’ Cast Blooper Reel Further Destroys Thomas Ravenel's Political Chances — VIDEO

The last episode of Southern Charm's first season aired Monday night, but in case you need something to hold you over until your season two dreams come true, Southern Charm has released a blooper reel. That's right, reality shows have bloopers too. Except mostly it's the cast sitting down for the interview shots and laughing uncontrollably.

There are some highlights though:

  • T-Rav saying "There's only three things to do in Oklahoma: Fight, fuck, and get fucked up." This man wants to be a U.S. Senator. Not, that U.S. Senators don't say/think things like this, it's just that they aren't so open about it. The secret controversies of Senators are supposed to come out years later after they've tricked everyone into trusting them.
  • Craig saying, "I drink a lot." Nothing surprising there.
  • Cameran announcing, "If I had a penis, I would pee wherever I possibly could." We're all with ya, girl!
  • J.D. saying he should have his own show even though he's not even officially part of Southern Charm's cast. "I should have my own show. I should be Dr. Oz or something." Yeah. I'm sure Dr. Oz recommends a glass of whiskey in the middle of the day, too.

Unfortunately, some things are notably absent:

  • Kathryn. I'm sure her eyelashes fell off and got comically stuck to her face like a mustache at some point. Where's that in the outtakes?
  • Patricia. She never spilled her martini and had it caught on tape?
  • Shep. Apparently, he was calm and composed the entire time.
  • Thomas accidentally revealing that Kathryn was pregnant. The interview segments are filmed after the show is shot, I'm assuming, so there's a good chance he let the cat out of the bag (fetus out of the womb..?) by mistake.

Check out the bloopers for yourself below. There might not be a season two of Southern Charm , but at least you'll always get to relive Cameran talking about her hyperhidrosis.

Image: Bravo