Miranda Kerr's Song "You're the Boss" Is Bad, Not That There's Anything Wrong With That — VIDEO

Miranda Kerr will now be adding "singer" to her resume. The Victoria's Secret Angel makes her singing debut in a new single, "You're the Boss", a duet with Irish singer Bobby Fox and cover of a 1964 hit written and performed by Jimmy Ricks and Laverne Baker, and later made famous by Elvis Presley. The single will be officially released this Friday as part of Bobby Fox's first-ever album, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Though Miranda Kerr herself claims that she's "not a singer," she's no stranger to music. She says she was approached by music executives who saw her singing potential in a handful of Japanese tea commercials. Despite the commercials being a little weird, Miranda Kerr manages to look gorgeous as usual and shows that she can carry a tune. Miranda Kerr then teamed up with Jersey Boys star Bobby Fox to record the sultry new single. An official music video is scheduled for release in May, and promises to be super-sexy, with Miranda Kerr looking equal parts adorable and glamorous while playing off the heavy "Happy Birthday Mr. President" vibes of her Marilyn-esque vocals along the equally adorable Bobby Fox.


Some critics, however, have been less than kind to Kerr in regard to her singing ability, saying that she pales in comparison to Ann-Margret's take on the duet with Elvis Presley in Viva Los Vegas. Reactions on Twitter have also been fairly derisive, calling out Kerr for her breathy, sexed-up rendition of the song. Kerr manages to pull it off, though, with the unmistakeable Miranda Kerr-sexy-cuteness we all know and love carrying her through. She may not be looking to embark on a brand-new career in music, but congratulations to her for taking a shot at dabbling in something new. Judging by the music video promo stills, she's seems like she's having a great time doing it.

Listen to Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox's new single, "You're The Boss", here: