Female-Centric 'Miss You Already' Is Already Your New Favorite Flick & Here's Why

Every once in a while, a new film goes into production and my grumpy attitude toward Hollywood’s gender gap gets to take a brief pause. Ladies (and gents!), rejoice, for Miss You Already is coming and it’s going to be the stuff that dreams are made of. It was just announced that Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) is set to direct Toni Collette in Rachel Weisz in the screenplay that was written by Morwenna Banks (Shameless, Skins).

Miss You Already is the story of two best friends coming to terms with changes in their relationship in the wake of a crisis. A film written by, directed by, and starring women that is about the ups and downs of female friendship. CAN I GET AN AMEN?

Miss You Already was originally announced in 2012 at the Berlin film festival with Jennifer Aniston set to star and Paul Andrew Williams as the project’s director. However, this year’s Cannes’ brought us the news that an entire new dream team would be brought on for the film — and we like where it’s going.

The script did receive some fresh changes before Cannes including a brand new set of locations. The original story was wholly London-based, and the update will include journeys through the UK’s beautiful countrysides. So yes, Miss You Already is essentially everything there is to love. The only thing I’m keeping my fingers crossed for is a cheeky cameo by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in a hotel or restaurant a la The Trip.

Hardwicke noted of Banks’ screenplay, “This is something she lived through. She managed to take real life and turn it into a powerful, laugh‐ and cry‐out‐loud screenplay.” There are few things I love more than laughing and crying...except laughing and crying while indulging my taste for all things British. Oh right, and the film is about and created by women. Miss You Already, we want you already.