All Your Favorite YouTube Cats Are Now In One Amazing Music Video — VIDEO

How do you make a great thing even better? Simple: put cats in it. In this case, said thing is one of the greatest music videos of all time: A-ha's animated music video for "Take on Me." Illustrator Richard Swarbrick works in the same sort of constantly moving style, and made a music video to a song with a similar aesthetic ("Kirrilee" by Empathy Test) — but instead of a woman reading comics, this video features the cats of YouTube. That's right, all your favorite cat videos are there: "Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Cleans the Kitchen on a Roomba," “Stalking Cat,” “Dramatic Cat,” “Kitten Massage Therapy,” “The OMG Cat,” "Bengal Cat Fighting for the Exercise Wheel," "a water-loving cat...," and so many more.

So clearly, the formula of cats plus '80s inspired music videos is a winner. So what other classic '80s music videos could we put cats in?

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper

Uh, because cats just want to have fun, duh. Think about it: a sassy Persian cat, walking down the street, getting yelled at by their fake cat parents? It's gold.

"Thriller" - Michael Jackson

You know how to make this formula even better? Add zombies. Tiny cat zombies, chasing around unsuspecting humans and then breaking into a choreographed dance. They'd be too adorable to resist! Soon we'd all be zombies.

"Physical" - Olivia Newton-John

This would be a disaster. There's no way a cat would willingly work out. But just watching someone trying to get cats in tiny little sweatbands to work out while "Physical" plays in the background would be more than enough.

Literally Any '80s Hair Metal Band

You know, all the '80s hair metal videos featuring women being objectified in skimpy outfits: "Cherry Pie," "Girls Girls Girls," "California Girls"? Just replace all of those women with cats. Problem solved.

"Opposites Attract" - Paula Abdul

Okay, so technically, this video already has a cat — MC Skat Kat, that is. But replacing the very '80s animated cat with an actual cat would make things even better. And of course, all of the MC Skat Kat's parts would be replaced with meowing.

But until these videos become a reality, you can watch the cats of YouTube make their music video debut:

Richard Swarbrick on YouTube