'Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska Talk To Dr. Drew During the Less Tear-Inducing Half of the Reunion

It’s time for another Tuesday night check-up! I certainly laughed more during Teen Mom 2: Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 2 than I did while watching Part 1 (thank ya kindly, Barbara Evans), but that doesn't mean Dr. Drew Pinsky and his guests didn't keep it real. They got real. Really, really real. Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, the significant others, and the parents chatted it UP about the season.

Who else kicked it with Dr. Drew? THE TEEN MOM 2 KIDS. Was it the highlight of the reunion? Most definitely. I wouldn't have been mad if the reunion was just two hours of ridiculously cute interviews with the kids.

Some notes from the episode:

  • Chelsea said she and Taylor Halbur do not speak. Why not? Because Chelsea and Adam Lind slept together while he and Taylor were broken up. While Taylor was pregnant. YIKES. Dr. Drew remarked that this is what Adam used to do to Chelsea, and Chelsea was like, "'Kay."
  • Dr. Drew praised Chelsea for being the only mom in the cast who doesn’t have a second or third kid. Whoa. So salty, Dr. Drew.
  • Dr. Drew asked Adam why Chelsea can’t have his number. “Because I don’t want her to have my number,” he replied. Oh, okay. Cool response!
  • Randy Houska said he’s proud of Chelsea, but worries Aubree is getting to an age where she picks up on the drama. He called her “the smartest little kid.” Love it. He said he was concerned, for example, how it'd affect Aubree and Paisley if Adam and Taylor were to break up. (Adam and Taylor have since broken up.)
  • Adam confronted Randy for mocking him via Twitter. Something about a mohawk and a receding hairline. Woof.
  • Jenelle said her probation will be dropped to a fine. Dr. Drew remarked that she’s spent a lot of time with the legal system. “I should be a lawyer,” she replied. Dr. Drew laughed at this and said, “You’re being a criminal.”
  • Jenelle said she and Nathan saw a double rainbow on their first date. Naturally, I revisited a certain video during a commercial break.
  • Barbara is very apprehensive about Jenelle having a second kid. When asked if she thinks Jenelle is ready, she said, “I don’t know.”
  • Barbara said she’s proud of the progress Jenelle’s made in the last year, and she and Dr. Drew acknowledged that she’s much more stable now.
  • Nathan and Barbara both said Jace looks to Barbara as his main maternal figure.

Okay. Let's get to the best part of the ep: THE KID INTERVIEWS!

  • Jace told Dr. Drew he’s all about building Transformers out of blocks. Jace rules.
  • Aubree wasn’t feeling the interview. Don't sweat it, Aubree. I get it.
  • Isaac talked about dancing with Kailyn Lowry at the wedding. It was so sweet. Furthermore, his skull cardigan was amazing and I want one in my size.
  • Ali’s favorite song? “We Can’t Stop.” Her second favorite song? “Wrecking Ball.” YES, ALI! Ali knows what's up.

Fair thee well, Teen Mom 2 Season 5! Hope to catch ya on the flip side (i.e., the TBD sixth season).

Image: MTV